Budget & Finance Committee

Responsible for overseeing budget preparation, investments, audit, labor contracts, and employee-related policies.

  • Ricky Ressler, Chairperson
  • Vic Richard, Vice Chair
  • Thomas Reinhold
  •  Greg Zimmerman (Alternate)

Development Activities Committee

Responsible for overseeing borough property, subdivision and zoning regulations, and economic development activities.

  • Greg Zimmerman, Chairperson
  • Thomas Reinhold, Vice Chair
  • Tim Barr
  • Wes Dudley (Alternate)

Public Safety Committee

Responsible for police, fire, public health, codes enforcement, and emergency management.

  • Thomas Reinhold, Chairperson
  • Vic Richard, Vice Chair
  • Ricky Ressler
  • Tim Barr (Alternate)

Highway Committee

Responsible for streets, alleys, curbs and sidewalks, and stormwater management.

  • Vic Richard, Chairperson
  • Linda Mart, Vice Chair
  • Greg Zimmerman
  • Wes Dudley (Alternate)

Municipal Enterprises Committee

Responsible for electric, sewer, and sanitation.

  • Linda Martin, Chairperson
  • Vic Richard, Vice Chair
  • Ricky Ressler
  • Thomas Reinhold (Alternate)

Community Services Committee

Responsible for parks and recreation, art grants, and other grants to community organizations.

  • Ricky Ressler, Chairperson
  • Tim Barr, Vice Chair
  • Linda Martin
  • Wes Dudley (Alternate)

Special Projects Committee

Responsible for long range planning and feasibility studies on major projects.

  • Tim Barr, Chairperson
  • Greg Zimmerman, Vice Chair
  • Wes Dudley
  • Linda Martin (Alternate)

Personnel Committee

Responsible for personnel policies, instituting goals for the Borough Manager and the Chief of Police, oversight of organizational structure and developing management job descriptions in conjunction with the Borough Manager.

  • Thomas Reinhold, Chairperson
  • Vic Richard, Vice Chair
  • Ricky Ressler
  • Linda Martin (Alternate)