Community Goals

Ephrata Borough Council endorsed the adoption of Borough of Ephrata Community Goals. The purpose of these goals is to guide future decision-making within the organization. The individual goals are broken down into four major sub-groups as listed below.  
Promote Economic Vitality
  • Promote and support creation of a critical mass in downtown
  • Improve commercial centers throughout the community
  • Identify and market the Ephrata niche
  • Ensure a fiscally sound borough organization
  • Promote, coordinate, and support events that showcase the community
  • Increase the number of owner occupied homes
  • Improve police visibility
  • Develop standards for public safety services
  • Improve traffic safety and reduce congestion
  • Improve proactive code enforcement efforts
  • Provide a safe community environment
Community Aesthetics
  • Improve gateways to the borough
  • Improve signage and promote wayfinding
  • Improve proactive code enforcement
  • Improve building and grounds maintenance throughout the community
  • Improve the image of the borough
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance public communication
  • Promote, coordinate, and support events that showcase the community
  • Measure and improve citizen satisfaction
  • Sponsor opportunities for public participation