Street Sweeping

Street sweeperThe Public Works Division conducts a street maintenance and sweeping program. In order to prepare the streets for cleaning the public works staff does an inspection before they post the streets for parking. They look for trees that create a hazard for the public and the sweeping operation. Property owners are notified asking them to trim the trees away from the streets. During this inspection all storm grates are checked so that any heavy debris can be removed prior to the cleaning. Street cleaning helps to reduce the amount of grit and debris that makes it to our storm sewer system and eventually to the Cocalico Creek.

Street Cleaning

Borough streets are cleaned twice a year starting in the spring. View The Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF). The streets in the Central Business District and the Borough Public Parking Lots are swept on a monthly basis to keep the downtown area clean and safe. Trash receptacles in the downtown area are also emptied on a weekly basis or as needed.


Additional Cleanings

The borough also provides for street sweeping during events such as the Ephrata Fair and other special events, and on request following vehicular accidents.


All streets and parking lots are posted “no parking” for the day of sweeping. Please avoid parking in those areas since a clear path allows the public works division to do a better job of cleaning our Borough streets.

Additional Service

After the street is swept a herbicide is applied along the curb line to keep the weeds down.

As you can see the program is not just about cleaning the street. It is to improve our community appearance and maintain the quality of our water.