Snow & Ice Control

Snow & Ice Control

Each winter season the Borough of Ephrata continues to make every effort to assist vehicular and pedestrian traffic during inclement weather. It is our intention as a Borough to meet the needs of our residents and travelers by providing the safest possible street conditions during snow storm events. View the Public Works' Snow Plan (PDF) for details.

Snow Plowing

Streets will be plowed when the snow accumulation reaches two inches and snow continues to fall. Streets that serve as main arteries are our first priority. They include Church Avenue, Fulton Street, Martin Avenue, State Street, and Main Street. Streets feeding the main arteries are second, all other streets are third, with alleys being cleared last. Please avoid unnecessary driving during snow plowing operations. Packed snow, parked, stalled, or stuck vehicles make it more difficult to maneuver equipment and remove snow.


Property owners are to clear their public sidewalks within twenty-four hours after the snow or ice ceases to fall. It is illegal to throw snow from your sidewalk or driveway into the street. If there is a fire hydrant located on your property, please remove the snow around it. This will assist the Fire Company in case of an emergency.

Reducing the amount of snow in your driveway

In order to reduce the amount of snow in your driveway, clear a 6-8' space in the area before your driveway (see diagram below). The snow being pushed by a plow will be deposited in the cleared space rather than at the end of the driveway.