Budget Billing Information

The Borough of Ephrata offers a "Budget Billing" option for utility billing. This option will generate a monthly bill for actual electric, water, sewer and recycling charges; however the total due will be a pre-determined monthly average of utility services based on your billing history, and evaluated twice a year. The benefit of this will be to residents who wish to maintain consistent utility bills throughout the year. 


    You must reside at the same property for at least a year with 12 months of clean payment history AND have a zero balance on your account before this option is available to you.

    You must pay all bills by the due date.

    You must pay the budget amount reflected on your utility bill. If you pay more or less than the budgeted amount, the next bill total due will adjust and you will have to pay that amount to get your account back to the budgeted amount.  The Borough reserves the right to terminate any budget billing account with an inconsistent payment history.

    Payments not received by the due date will be assessed late charges in accordance to Borough policy.

    Your budget amount is calculated twice a year and will adjust automatically.

    You may elect to terminate the budget billing option by informing the Borough’s Business Office.  You may not re-apply for one year from the termination date.

    If you move from your current location, you will automatically be removed.

    If you do not make your monthly payments by the due date, the Borough reserves the right to remove you from the Program.  You will be subject to termination of service in accordance with Borough policy.

    Should the budget billing option be terminated for any reason, the next bill will reflect the total amount due and must be paid in full by the due date.

Click here to open the Budget Billing Application to apply for this service.

Please feel free to call the Business Office at 717-738-9222 if you have any questions or would like additional information.  We’re here to help you.