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Mar 15

Ephrata Skate Park

Posted on March 15, 2023 at 12:28 PM by Ephrata Borough

iStock-516503418Ephrata Skate Park

The Ephrata Skate Park provides residents an extensive array of skating facilities perfect for learning the basics of skating or pushing your skills to the limit. Whether you’re just getting started or you know a thing or two about skating, here you’ll find a chance to shine.

The Ephrata Skate Park is in the Ephrata Community Center on Old Mill Road. The skate park has an extensive array of skating features that can help new skaters and more experienced one’s practice and develop their skills. Check out what the park offers, and head over today for your next adventure! 

Ephrata Skate Park Features

The Ephrata Skate Park is free to enter and is open to skaters and bikers of all skill levels. The skate park includes the following features: 

  • Concrete ramps for jumps
  • Staircases with rails for jumping and grinding
  • Concrete walls
  • Steel rails for grinding
  • Hills and inclines for making jumps 

The skate park is great for hanging out with friends and family. It provides a safe environment for skateboarding enthusiasts to build their skills and practice this exciting sport in a safe environment. 

Ephrata Skate Park Rules

You'll need a skateboarding permit to use the skate park's facilities. Be prepared to show your permit if it's requested of you. Once park officers ask you to leave at the end of the day, please do so and return once the facility is open again the next day.

There isn't any attendant on-site at the Ephrata Skate Park, so you'll need to place a premium on staying safe. No open bottles or containers are allowed at the skate park. 

By following the rules of the Skate Park, you can avoid dangerous accidents and make the most out of your visit.