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May 10

Ephrata Borough Community Pool

Posted on May 10, 2023 at 11:39 AM by Ephrata Borough

298768049_443685991150333_909314066464197396_nEphrata Borough Community Pool 

Summer days are right around the corner meaning picnics, fireworks, campfire, and pool time! The Ephrata Borough owns and operates the Community Pool for residents within the Borough complete with 3 main pools, flume slides, and even a climbing wall.  The Community Pool is located in the Grater Park, adjacent to tennis courts, a large park, and a walking trail.  Residents and visitors can enjoy the sun in the various pools and amenities of the Ephrata Borough Community Pool. 

Zero-Depth Entry Tot Pool (up to 4 years of age)

Water in this pool is entry level and gradually increases in depth to allow access for small children.  Kids can enjoy a shower tower, aqua hoop, and otter slide! As this pool has a gradual incline, guests can obtain a water access chair from the pool house lobby. 

Zero-Depth Entry Intermediate Pool (4-7 years of age)

For older kids who are not yet ready for the main pool, this option offers a water entry that is gradual and features a drop jet, rain drop, and storm spinner. This pool also offers a gradual incline for guests that need easy entry through a pool chair. 

Flume Slides

The flume slides that accompany the main pool are 7 feet in height and feature a dual action red drop slide and yellow tube slide.  All slides are managed by a lifeguard and all guests wishing to utilize these fun slides must be a minimum of 48 inches tall, or who have passed the deep water swim test. 

Climbing Walls

There are two climbing walls within the pool, an intermediate 2 meter high wall, and an advanced 3 meter high wall. Each wall has a textured non-slip design tilted slightly over the water.  Life guards oversee each wall  as guests can climb and then jump into the deep water below. 

Competition Pool 

The Ephrata Community Pool has a 6 lane, 25 meter competition pool that features water 4-5 feet in depth and is fully equipped with Kiefer anti-turbulent lanes, KDI Paragon starting blocks, and a fully automatic Colorado timing system.  Children ages 12 and under must pass the deep water test to use this pool without an adult. 

ADA Accessibility 

All pools are ADA accessible and lifts for guests with disabilities are stations at the edge of each pool and shall be used under the direction of deck management. 

The Ephrata Borough Community Pool strives to provide a safe and fun pool environment for residents and guests with the use of lifeguards and several general rules and regulations.  It is the utmost goal to keep everyone safe.  To view these rules, view rates, learn about events, or learn more please visit the pool website at