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Stormwater Small Project Application

  1. Borough Logo
  2. Stormwater Small Project Application
  3. Proposed Activity
  4. Removal of ground cover, grading, filling or excavation of an area less than 5,000 square feet?*
  5. Type of Regulated Activity (check all that apply)
  6. Check all items below that will be impacted by the project
  7. Proposed Stormwater Management Controls
  8. Include the following on the sketch. 1. Property boundary 2. Location and approximate footprint of existing structures (buildings, patios, driveways, etc.) 3. Approximate location of any of the following features which will be impacted by the project: Mature trees, Sinkholes, Water wells, Septic drainfields, Alternate septic drainfields, Creeks, streams, wetlands, ponds, Existing stormwater management facilities (basins, swales, etc.) 4. Location and approximate footprint of proposed impervious area or land disturbance. 5. Approximate footprint and location of all structures on adjacent properties if located within fifty feet (50’) of the proposed impervious area or land disturbance 6. Location and description of proposed stormwater management facilities (e.g. rain gardens, swales, rain barrels, etc.) 7. Direction of proposed stormwater discharge (e.g. with arrows) 8. Scale and north arrow
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