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1. Can I select my own electric provider?
2. How often does the Borough estimate my electric usage?
3. Must I pay a security deposit to open an account?
4. Who do I call when I have a question concerning my electric utility bill?
5. How do I go about connecting a new electric meter service?
6. Can I rent a security light from the Borough?
7. What do I have to do to upgrade my electric service?
8. Who is responsible to inspect electric connections?
9. When I move into or out of the Borough, does someone read my meter?
10. Who do I contact if I do not have power?
11. Who do I contact to locate underground wires?
12. Does the Borough generate electricity?
13. Are my electric rates subject to approval by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission?
14. Where can I get help if I can't pay?
15. Who do I call to report a street light that is not working?